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Quality Control

Quality control is a very important factor to guarantee good products, it should be done during the whole production process. Our quality-control team will control the quality from the raw material, the whole production process to the finished products and package. Each step will be under strict inspection. The inspection standard are according to our experience of qualified products, the requirements from our clients and some local or international certificate. We can also accept the third-party inspection if requested.   

Inspection Process:  

1. Gather all the requirements about the quality from the clients,national or international standard.

2. Check the quality of the raw material. 

3. Check the quality of the sample before massive production. 

4. Check the quality during the whole production. 

5. Check the quality for the finished products. 

6. Check the packing. 

7. Checking the loading.  

Inspection Pictures:

Checking The Granule Size                                                       Checking The Thickness Of The Mosaic Tile

Checking The General Size Of Mosaics                                   Two Insectors Are Checking The Flatness And Finish 

Checking The Height Of A Boulder Sink                                   Checking The Size Of The Drain Hole

A Client Is Checking The Quality By Himself                             Only A Small Glued Part Was Found

An Inspector Is Checking The Veins And Color                        An Inspector Is Checking The Edge Finish Of A Sink Cut-Out

An Inspector Is Checking The Size, Angles, Glossiness, Flatness Of Marble Tiles

An Inspector Is Weighing All The Packing Material And Taking Photos For Record