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Packing And Loading

A solid and safe package may be the last guard for perfect products. In Milestone|Mileland International, we concern a lot about the package. For different products, the package requirement is different.

Please check different packages for different products as below:

Bundle Package For Big Slabs                                                    Bundle Package For Half Slabs

Pallet Package For Tiles                                                                Pallet Package For Tiles

Styrofoam Box Package For Tiles                                               Wooden Crate Package For Tiles

Countertop Packing Process                                                      Countertop Packing Process

Countertop Packing Process                                                       Finished Countertop Package

Sink Packing Process 1                                                              Sink Packing Process 2

Sink Packing Process 3                                                              Sink Packing Process 4

Sink Packing Process 5                                                               Sink Packing Process 6

Sink Packing Process 7: Finished Carton Box Package                   Sink Packing Process 8: Finished Wooden Crate Package

Mosaic Tile Package                                                                  Mosaic Tile Package