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How To Care For Quartz Countertops
Jul 16, 2018

No matter what material your countertops are made from, regular maintenance are needed, quartz countertop is no exception.

Kitchen countertops are used most frequently in life, so regular maintenance is required. But people always have a misunderstanding that the good thing is to be able to "resist" and not need maintenance. Actually it is not, good things, more maintenance. Why some families can keep their quartz countertops  as clean as new for more than 10 years, but some others will appear "stunned", collapse, cracking, etc. in less than 2 years? In addition to quality factors, it is largely related to routine maintenance.


So How to care for quartz countertops? You may need to following the below tips:

1. The kitchen should be kept ventilated and dry; in order to avoid partial cracking of the quartz countertop, do not place the high temperature vessels such as hot pot, iron, electric furnace and so on for a long time on the top. It is recommended to use a pot mat with good heat insulation.


2. In order to make the quartz stone countertops look like new and long-lasting, if there are stains, soy sauce stains, rust and other stains on the countertop, please clean them in time to avoid the stains staying on the countertop for a long time to cause "color spots".


3. Do not use heavy objects or sharp objects to hit the countertop, especially in weak parts such as stoves and basins.


Quartz stone countertop cleaning method: 

Under normal circumstances, the quartz stone countertop surface is cleaned with water after use, and then the surface of the countertop is wiped clean with a dry cloth. Serious stains can use detergents which can be easily found in your local market.


1. For hard dirt such as glue, nail polish, paint, etc. adhered to the countertop, it can be removed by using a blade;


2. For stains (rust, soy sauce, ink) that remain on the countertop for a long time, wipe the surface stains with a damp cloth, evenly spread with soap or detergent, then wipe back and forth with a cloth until the stains are removed, then use water. Clean and dry.


3. If the stains that remain on the countertop for a long time can't be removed by the above method, you can look for professional stone maintenance personnel to clean up.

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