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How Marble Forms
Aug 14, 2017


Marble is a kind of limestone that has undergone a process which has made the structure of the rock more solid, making it able to withstand a high polish. It is generally formed when limestone is faced with extremes of pressure or temperature that cause it to undergo a process known as metamorphism. When this occurs the structure of the limestone becomes crystal in nature, taking the shape of calcite or dolomite. These two substances are the main materials in marble. The result is a stronger, highly publishable stone, with unique colored characteristics.

The different colors that marble can have occur when impurities get caught in the structure of the marble during formation. These impurities such as carbon, or iron, or oxides, cause streaks to appear in the surface of the stone. The number of impurities possible and the nature of their form, means that each piece of marble is one of a kind. Marble is available in many parts of the world like China, Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, India and United States. Amoung which, chinese marble are very popular due to its rich color and vein, competitive price. 

Marble is widely used in buidling and decoration material. It can be used in stone home furnishings, floors, counters, clocks, hot plates, tables, pillars, structural resurfacing, even bathroom applications. It can be found in millions of places in millions of applications around the world. Its style and versatility make it one of the ideal choices for building materials and structural supply.

Mileland|Milestone International is a professional supplier of Chinese marble, our marble range include white series, black series, wooden series, brown series, grey series and exotic series in the forms of slabs, cut-to-size, tiles and mosaics, vanity tops, and moldings.  

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