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Difference Between Quartz And Engineered Stone
Aug 01, 2018

Is there any difference between quartz and engineered stone?

The answer is definitely Yes!

quartz stone

Nowadays, artificial stone products are widely used in the home decoration, but most people have some misunderstandings about different artificial stones, and even confuse them. Artificial stone is an abbreviation of stone plate produced by artificial utilization equipment, which can be divided into acrylic, composite acrylic, quartz stone, engineered stone(engineered marble), terrazzo and so on. The most confusing between them is quartz stone and engineered stone. Since the price of quartz stone is slightly higher, there will be some merchants in the market use engineered stone to replace quartz stone. So how to distinguish the quartz stone and engineered marble?

The full name of quartz stone is "artificial quartz stone plate", which is called "quartz stone" by the industry because the composition of the filler quartz in the plate is as high as 93%. The filler quartz sand is decontaminated and purified, and contains no harmful materials and radiation sources. It is an green decorative material. The engineered marble is also called synthetic stone, rebuilt stone, engineering stone, cultured marble and its appearance is very similar to the artificial quartz stone. However, the filler of engineered marble is natural marble scrap, stone powder. It's applied to indoor and outdoor engineering decoration, generally the price is cheaper than quartz stone.

Although both quartz stone and engineered stone are artificial stone, the production process and production equipment are different. Quartz stone is pressed and formed by high pressure machine, then formed by high temperature heating and solidifying, polishing and calibrating; the engineered stone is made of organic resin as a cementing agent, vacuum agitated, high-pressure shock is used to make the block, and then cured at room temperature. Then cut and polish to stone plate.  Quartz stone has a higher density than engineered stone, so the same size of engineered marble is generally lighter than quartz stone. If observe from the cross section, the quartz stone crystals are evenly distributed, the inside and outside are consistent. And the hardness of quartz stone is up to 7 Mohs, it's preceded only by diamond, so normal knife or sharp objects can't scratch the quartz stone. 

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