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Factory Presentation-Stone Wash Basin Factory

             Milestone | Mileland International Stone Wash Basin & Bathtub Factory Presentation

Milestone International specialized in manufacturing and exporting of various bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, bar sinks, bathtubs such as stone sink, stone bathtub. Our stone sinks include granite sink, marble sink, travertine sink, onyx sink, sandstone sink, fossil stone sink, limestone sink, mosaic sink, pedestal sink, farmhouse sink, kitchen stone bowl which are available in hundreds of unique styles. Our stone bathtubs include granite bathtub, marble bathtub, cobble bathtub, onyx bathtub, travertine bathtub, sandstone bathtub, limestone bathtub...All of our stone sinks & bathtub products have been exported to many countries, mainly in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe.

Workshop & Package:

1. EQUIPMENT: No need of gang saw, no need of other modern huge equipment, only with simple circular saw for cutting small blocks, only with some simple, small, functional equipment, our high-skilled artisans and well-trained workers can make out various unique stone sinks. 

201707261640142385863.JPG 2.jpg 3.jpg

2. FIELDWORK: Cutting blocks-Shaping up-Polishing, It only takes several words to describe the process of making stone sinks and tubs, but it’ll take our worker’s much more hard working and patience to make out a perfect sink or tub products. See below how the sinks turn out into different designs and styles under our worker’s hard work.


 Already cut blocks                                              Profile a red travertine sink                                         Polishing a gold travertine sink


Cutting out the block                                          Grinding a green onyx sink                                         Grinding a white bathtub


Checking the flatness of the edges                Washing up the drain hole                                            Half finished limestone sinks


Cobble sinks waiting for inspection                Carrara sinks before packing                                      Qualified onyx sinks and granite sinks

3. PACKAGE OF STONE SINKS: Good package, no doubt, is the final guarantee of good qualified products. Milestone has strict request about our sink’s package. Every sink will be packed by the Styrofoam box or protect with Styrofoam boards first, then put into a carton box (printed or not-printed, according to customers’ requirement), finally locates into a strong wooden crate. 


Standard round sink package-Step #1                                                              Standard round sink package-Step #2


Standard square sink package-Step #1                                                              Standard square sink package-Step #2


All stone sinks package-Step #3                                                                         All stone sinks package-Step #4


Package for air shipment-Step #1                                                                     Package for air shipment-Step #2


Package for air shipment-Step #3                                                                     Package for air shipment-Step #4