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Factory Presentation-Countertop Factory

                                Milestone | Mileland International Countertop Factory Presentation

Brief Introduction:

Milestone International has a professional factory which focus on the production of different granite countertops, granite vanity tops, marble countertops, marble vanity tops, quartz countertops, quartz vanity tops etc with monthly output of 10 containers.

Because of the reasonable price and high quality, our countertops and vanity tops have been exported to many countries, mainly in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe. Standard prefabricated countertops and custom project countertop orders are available!

Milestone welcome customers worldwide to visit our countertop & vanity top factory for true experience. 

Features of our Countertop Factory:

Locate near Shuitou-the biggest stone base in China, it's convenient to buy any granite/marble/quartz slabs at lowest cost.

All workers have 5-10 years of experience in stone processing, we're very clear about all the quality standard of exporting.

Area of Factory: 3000sqm

Number of Workers (including subcontract workers): 40-50 people.

Monthly Capacity: 10 containers

Material we can supply for countertops: granite, marble, quartz, travertine...

Milestone | Mileland Internatioal Countertop Factory Workshop:


Countertop Production Process:

1. Cut blocks into strip slabs 2. Polish strip slabs 3.Cut the slabs into standard or customized countertop & vanity tops sizes 4. Profile the edge according to client’s request 5. Polish the edge 6. Drill the sink cut-out (if needed) 7. Polish the sink cut-out edge (if needed) 8. Install the ceramic sink (if needed) 9. Inspection 10. Packing

Cut Blocks Into Strip Slabs

Polishing Strip Slabs

Cut Strip Slabs Into Countertop Size

Profile And Polishing Edge

Making The Sink Cut-Out

Installing The Fixing Accessories For The Ceramic Sinks

Installing The Ceramic Sink

Inspection And Final Checking

Packages Of Countertops: