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Factory Presentation-Bluestone Sink Factory

                         Milestone | Mileland International Bluestone Sink Factory Presentation

Brief Introduction:

In recent years, Chinese Blue Limestone has become a very popular and well-received construction and decoration material due to it's Non-Radiating and Non-Toxic characteristic, especially in European countries.

To comply with the market demand, Xiamen Milestone International Ltd invested a factory in the origin of China Bluestone quarry: JiaXiang County,Ji'Ning City, Shandong Province, which focuses on the producing of bluestone wash basin, blue limestone sinks, bluestone bathtubs, blue limestone shower trays at different designs.  It's a small-scaled but efficiently operated, professional bluestone sink factory in the origin area.    

Welcome clients worldwide to contact us for cooperation.

Features of our Bluestone Sink Factory:

Locate in the origin of China Bluestone quarry, we have stable relationship with the quarry owners, it's easy for us to select the best material at the lowest cost.

We annually keep enough inventory of raw blocks to satisfy lasting need for raw material, so we can safely survive during the “quarry-closed” period.

Hire local experienced workers, the local labor cost are lower than southern area.

Area of Factory: 2000sqm

Number of Workers (including subcontract workers): 40-45 people (craftsman: 30 people, polisher: 10 people, other workers: 2-5 people)

Monthly Capacity: 800-2000 sinks depends on different models. (normal sink: 800pcs per month, shower tray: 500pcs per month, small fontein: 2000pcs per month.)

Blue Limestone Sink Factory Tour:


Carving Machine                                                                         Drilling The Faucet Saver


Drilling The Back Part For The Brackets                                    Adjust The Faucet Hole


Cutting The Inside Of The Sink                                                   Already Cut Bluestone Chunks


Polishing The Edge Of The Sink                                                 Polishing A Shower Tray


Polishing The Back Of Zen Sinks                                                Polishing The Back Of Zen Sinks


Finished Blue Limestone Fonteins                                               Finished Top Counter Wash Basins


Finished Oval Shape Vessel Sinks                                              Finished Free Form Vessel Sinks  


Finished Bluestone Top-Counter Sinks                                        Finished Rectangular Shower Tray


A Corner Of The Warehouse                                                       A Corner Of The Warehouse


A Corner Of The Warehouse                                                        A Corner Of The Warehouse


Packing Of The Bluestone Sinks                                                  Carton Box Package


A Worker Is Making Plywood Crates                                              Finished Wood Crate Package